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The Facebook Effect (2 Volumes Set)
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The Facebook Effect (2 Volumes Set)

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11 Nov 2011
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Mots clés: Biography business industry 
Édition:[Large Print]
Format d'origine:Paperback 584 des pages. 197x 254mm
Langues:Français, -
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La description:
This is the inside story of one of the greatest business and social tales of our time. Drawing on his exclusive inside access, Kirkpatrick tells the story of the handful of friends who came together to make Facebook work, the falling - out among some of them, and the lawsuits over Facebook, threatened and real, that have made news. He describes from the inside the vision, the tenacity, the refusal to compromise, and the immaturity, that have made the company what it is. Throughout it all Zuckerberg has refused to compromise his vision of putting growth first and making Facebook a platform for using the internet. Kirkpatrick shows how users around the world have made Facebook a part of the social and political culture of the 21st century, organsing protests against the FARC in Colombia on Facebook and, more recently, against the 2009 Iranian election.

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